Sunday, March 1, 2009


"I hate writing, I love having written."

Thank you, Dorothy Parker, for stealing my thoughts on the subject.

I've exhausted the more obvious means of procrastination--I even prepared the invitations and sent them out--now I really have to sit down to write my midterms.

It's not just the question of my blatant laziness, fear of writing, and reluctance to look at my thoughts on the screen/on paper. The thing I've been trying to grasp is why in order to even start writing, I need to feel deeply distraught?

It's only when I feel like in that bad movie about Sylvia Plath where everyone goes crazy because of the oil paint on the walls in all their houses--only then am I able to write.



Kim said...

I too am procrastinating on making decisions and waiting to hear from my school about their thoughts on my leaving. I have to wait for them since it is considered rude to ask "too many" questions or pester people til they give you an answer here. I will wait til tomorrow to begin pestering them since plane tickets are currently about $125 cheaper than they were last week!

And procrastinating over a possible direction for life...possibly filling out an application for another sounds really interesting but will require a lot of legwork to get the money together for it...and possibly freaking out my family for finding a new way to leave the USA again. I stare at it and watch every CSI episode from the very beginning and try to feel smart about something today.

Hope your writing is coming together ok.

Misiula said...

Writing is still not coming together in any way. Letters are running frantically across the page, bumping into one another and then backing off into disconnected islands of an argument that loathes itself.

The usual process. I'm just going crazy as always.

Do try to do your M.A. somewhere in the area. We'll freeze together.

As I know you, you will go to Europe and ride all those buses, trams, and trains without me. While I am left to finally get a driving license.

On a more serious note: the best of luck with the applications. You could use a break from anal humor.

I read your blog and marvel.

I guess my imagination was very limited by reading The National Geographic and then trying to remind oneself that exoticizing is evil. And yet, there are places and mentalities that are very different and challenging to our ideas of what things "should be" like.

Kim said...

I don't know if I will apply to anywhere in the states, I don't want to take the GRE again and everywhere wants it. I have only found 1 school to apply to that I like and the course sounds really interesting but the money thing and it being located in a weird country makes it feel kind of mixed up. (it's in germ-any) I continue to sit and stare at it, agonising and wondering what to do...

You don't have a drivers license? I hate driving but it is a necessary stupid-evil in the states. Watch out for the SUVs and jumbo pickup trucks!

And the whole anal/butt humour is a bit weird actually even for me...I enjoy poop humour bit these kids can be a little uncomfortably weird with the whole butt. If another student is writing on the board and has his back to the class, all the kids are inspecting his butt, I don't know what they are saying but it's a bit weird to observe.

And the whole exoticizing thing is interesting, something I have been thinking a lot about and will appear as a blog entry soon :)

Hope you are finding a way to plow through the essays! (this probably should have been an email, ah yes I am procrastinating from rejoining reality since my world is very weird)