Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reading Assignment

A few weeks ago I bought James Wright's The Branch Will Not Break on Amazon. I was very surprised by how student-friendly the price was and an anniversary edition to boot!

My surprise was even greater when the book arrived and I discovered that it makes a great prop for the tiny teddy bear and that there is no way I can read it without my reading glasses.

Now, I am an adult and should be better at handling such things. And yet I do feel slightly apprehensive about the reaction of the other critics and poets kids when I take out my little book tomorrow in class.


Kim said...

Ah! Cute book! I love tiny books, well anything minature.

Am curious to hear how the other kids reacted.

Misiula said...

Guess what--I forgot to take it.

I had packed my backpack but it was raining so heavily on Monday that I re-packed into a leather handbag and forgot this one tiny thing.

But a friend had this very same edition and he got all the funny reactions ("Are you sure you can read that?"; "This poem probably comes across as less annoying in the little book").