Friday, February 27, 2009


Still waving, not yet drowning

I am prone to go crazy over work and balancing between work and personal life. I am going crazy recently.

On the side of good things: I found my watch; I made reservations for our trip next month.

But it's a hideous rainy morning when I feel like I'd like to live on the bottom of a pot of coffee. I can't wake up and there's work to do. Ideally, I should now be writing three mid-term papers and a conference piece and sending out wedding invitations that I haven't prepared yet....


If anyone knows a simple yet inventive way to make email invitations with pictures, pretty fonts, and background colors, this is the time to reveal your talents.

PS: I took that picture in Vienna in 2006--it's the Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK) adorned with an alternative to an exhibition poster. Unfortunately, they took it off the building a few months later. It is a wonderful metaphor for my state of mind.

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