Monday, March 2, 2009

Tricycle and Meadows

Tricycle. How the hell do you pronounce that?

I bought Tricycle for Mr. G. today and the first thing we did was solve the "Which Buddhist Personality Are You?" quiz. Mr. G. is equally Greedy and Deluded, while I am Deluded with a tinge of Aversive. Considering that I am not a buddhist, I still feel like I learned a lot about myself.

In the solutions section, they mentioned something about meditative space that would allow me to believe in pretty things instead of constantly imagining disasters.

After reading Robert Duncan recently and rereading my favorite meadow poem by Elizabeth Bishop, here's what I think they meant:

Cape Breton meadow, originally uploaded by LandVike.

Incidentally, we're planning a trip to Nova Scotia later this year, so it all connects (if you're properly overinterpreting quizzes).

Back to grim reality:

earlier today I almost froze my fingers off. I really can't tell the weather here by just looking out the window. It was sunny and so I breezily left the house with my pretty and useless purple gloves. And, guess what, was not pulling my leg: it really did feel like -21 Celsius. When I got back home (i.e. was blown back downhill by icy gusts of wind), my fingers were red, swollen, and pulsating with heat. Fortunately/unfortunately, I can type (as you can see) and need to write my essays I cannot write due to my usual intellectual paralysis. I, indeed, am Aversive and Deluded.


Bowleserised said...

"Try sickle"

I have very thick, fleece-lined fingerless gloves and have to keep my hands in my pockets on really cold days. The weather does seem to be reluctant to be directed.

Misiula said...

Oh, so it's like a three-wheel similar to the bicycle? I was wavering between that and a possibly odd pronunciation stressing "cycle." Luckily, I can always do the helpless kitten routine with the unfailing incantation "I am not a native speaker, you know."

Thanks, Bowleserised.

A propos weather, I thought weather and I had a deal: that we were pretending it was spring already. Apparently, the other party got bored much earlier than I did.

Kim said...

I never know what to believe when it comes to the weather, I didn't believe the weather reports of "sand" last week and it was really true! Some days I dress way too warmly and sweat like a pig, and other days not warm enough and my hands get all red and horrible :( It's so hazy that the world looks deceptive from my window most days.

Misiula said...

I'm absolutely no good with telling what the weather is like and what I should wear. -----> I've got a cold and my head now feels like a block of granite balancing unsteadily on the feeble neck.