Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Is This a Fashion Statement?"

A coffee shop in Manhattan (I beg you, don't ask if it wasn't "S" because it unfortunately was). I'm waiting for my latte.

Curious Woman: "I like your pin. Did you get it somewhere here, in Manhattan?"

Misiula: "No, actually, I bought it upstate. In a tiny vintage clothes and jewelery store."

Curious Woman: "Oh... And this ring? I noticed you're wearing it on a chain.Whose ring is it?"

(Whose ring? I'm trying to guess what she might mean. What do I say? St. Sebastian's? Vishnu's? Or maybe: I stole it from a woman in Central Park? Or maybe she meant the jeweler? Tiffany's?)
Needless to say, it's neither of the above and since it's all the thinking is happening within a second I just say--

"It's my engagement ring."

Curious Woman:"Oh. And why are you wearing it like that? It doesn't fit? Is it a fashion statement?


Misiula:"It fits. I just like to wear it like this sometimes."

When I should have said: "It's a fashion revolution from below. From the country into the heart of the metropolis. And you get to see it start."But I was too absorbed watching real fashionistas queueing for their coffee in sky-high heels.

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Kim said...

Maybe she thought it was mentioned in some magazine she never read but should have read and might be missing out on some big fashion revolution...maybe now she is wandering around with a ring on a necklace around her neck telling everyone it's the latest fashion in New York? I bet she is ;p