Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dzień Kobiet

(It's already March 8 in Europe)

My ideal Women's Day: flowers, fireworks, tractors.

I have it all (with tractors in the song).


Kim said...

I just looked it up, I had heard of the day but always thought of it as a political day to raise issues and awareness...and never realised in some countries it's celebrated like Mother's Day with flowers and gifts. I learn something new almost every day :)


Misiula said...

Women's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

I think in Poland it still has socialist overtones but the attitude toward the past is changing--that is, people seem to be less concerned with pretending socialism never happened.

Back then, the emblematic gifts were flowers (red or red and white carnations) and pantyhose (hard to buy, always in demand).

I know some object to the holiday on the grounds that Men's Day is not as popular (I can never remember when that is, frankly) and that celebrating Women's Day supposedly undercuts efforts at equality of the sexes (how?).

I like Women's Day. I like getting flowers and feeling that I can turn it into at least a bit of a fun day for myself and others.