Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lowdown / High Heels

These are cute shoes. Exactly the kind I used to try on when I was four:

I just finished an article in Forum, in which Germaine Greer and Vivienne Westwood were saying very different things about high heels. The only thing the article told me was that I really don't know what I think about high heels. The facts are that I own a few pairs, I think they look adorable, and I almost never wear them. If I do, I always make sure I have a purse which fits a pair of ballerina shoes that I put on when I feel I'm approaching my pain threshold.

So I guess I'm with both Greer and Westwood and without a final verdict.

It does piss me off, though, when various celebs claim they would rather have their tendons cut up, removed, and what not than give up high heels. Because high heels are, erm, "more feminine." (Really? Maybe if you're standing, motionless, for a few minutes or are walking down the red carpet--from the car to a nearby seat.)

I'm waiting for the first martyrs to be established by that school of thought. I think it could be the most interesting thing since the anchorites and their bathroom dilemmas.*

*I'm sure you too have wondered many times how people walled in in towers handled their physiological needs.


Kim said...

I actually really like those shoes! Except for the heels on them :p They look so nice and sparkly!

I own only a few pairs of high heels but only cause of my nomadic lifestyle and I'm very particular what shoes I waste/spend money on. I do love shoes and maybe will buy myself a nice pair in 90 days as a treat and reward for surviving here.

Is this your new blog? I stumbled upon it when Misiula commented on my blog and I was curious and clicked on the name.

Misiula said...

This is my/our new blog. Not linking to yours because yours is such a well-kept secret. I'd hate to spoil it.

I'll be waiting for a pic of your new shoes in 90 days. And you really are brave.

Kim said...

Ah thanks :) And the whole brave thing...if I get in a cheesy mood I think of Pooh and Christopher Robin and Chris telling Pooh he's braver than he believes...I only know that because of looking up a different quote I read somewhere and cause my school made me watch the New Adventures of Pooh with my students a few weeks ago...I like cheese but sometimes the cynic in me wants to scratch my eyes out at some things that exist in this world ;p

And I reallyreally like those shoes! I would torture my feet to wear those a few times. And even more so if they were in a real colour! I love sparkles :)

And this is me avoiding making decisions about my future...or research at least. I hope y'all are doing well though I only know half, hope to meet the other half someday! And we'll eat CHEESECAKE!

Misiula said...

I don't think there's anything cheesy about drawing inspiration from children's books. I do it constantly with Moomintrolls. In one of the short stories, Moominmama says daddies have to go on a journey every now and then and that's just what I did. I just haven't met the electric travelers yet. But I am--though slowly and shyly--planning a trip to Finland, the home of the Moomintrolls.

Kim said...

Well I can be a bit of a snarky cynic so shy away from cheesiness, but do have a soft spot for Pooh in written form...the movies are too cheesy-usa for me!
Need to look up these Moonmintrolls, sounds interesting :)