Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loving the Terrible


But then:

-- Maria Susanna Cummins, The Lamplighter (1854)
Compulsively readable even though one of my worst nightmares happens in Chapter III.


Bowleserised said...

Oh dear God. Reminds me of my fear that the tits will fly into the kitchen again and alight on a hot stove...

Misiula said...

It's a lovely novel. A relentlessly sentimental tearjerker.

I wonder if the nightmare you're describing didn't by any chance come to the mind of any nineteenth-century writer?... This definitely deserves research.

But speaking of tits and cats, I once saw my mother's cat devour one.

But there are good times too (see post above, dug up from my home archive).

Bowleserised said...

Yes, Kiya is currently celebrating having access to the great outdoors by performing a massacre of the innocents. It's what cats do!

Misiula said...

Our friend's cat is staying over for a few days. Last night he discovered the bathroom window (the only one without the mosquito net). We had to take him off the windowsill--which conveniently close to a tall tree--and close the window. This morning I heard him bouncing off the closed window. Not too smart, is he?