Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chickadee Sighting and Feeling

Niagara Falls, September 2009.

Thanks to the generosity of a bird lover from Niagara Falls, I fed and touched a few chickadees.


Bowleserised said...


I have been having new birdfeeding adventures, but haven't gotten round to blogging them yet. Will do eventually.

Misiula said...

I'm looking to reading about them.

My house has windows in all four sides and there are two trees growing right by our bedroom walls (on a side note: it gets "exciting" during a thunderstorm) - and from spring to fall we get to absorb birdsong all day. However, when it comes to feeding, gray squirrels usually beat everyone else to the goodies.

They dismembered and stole the birdfeed bell we had put up for blue jays and robins. Still, I think they're cutesy rats, though I'd prefer them to stay out of Europe.