Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just the Shoes

Here are the shoes I wore to my wedding. I was intrigued by friends' requests that I give them a photo of, I quote, "just the shoes." If I knew the selections from the wedding pictures could end on that, I wouldn't have hesitated so much whether to put those very personal photographs on facebook.

I could launch a big debate about the limits of privacy in our strange age, but we all puzzle over these issues daily. (At least I think we do.)

As a little girl I did not fantasize about my wedding (I was not one of those little girls, trust me). And I would never even have pictured the whole problem of "telling people about it." Not even on that most basic level of your aunts and uncles, so the clicking and sending a letter to the world is completely beyond me... In the end I clicked and spread the word and even posted a few pictures. But don't ask me how I feel about it. I'm not sure. It does feel a little bit like showing off.

Our weekday wedding was low key and involved running around rainy Manhattan. On the subway on our way back, after the dinner and before the drinks, a lady asked me about my bouquet. I told her that we had just got married and, immediately, the people sitting next and opposite us were all smiling.


Kim said...

The shoes are great :)

And I agree with sending pictures out there into the world or on social networking sites :p I always feel weird posting pics, it's as if I expect other people to want to see what I'm photographing. It's tough for me to post pics of myself, I feel super vain and narcissistic (I just like that word, it sounds funny) for taking the time to take pictures of myself and then to post it to make people look at me.

Ah and privacy nowadays...interesting to think about...

Bowleserised said...

What pretty shoes. I like the sound of your wedding too, much nicer transport than a coach and horses.

Misiula said...

We liked it too. I wouldn't be comfortable with a coach or with a white limousine, for that matter. It was fun and much less stressful as it was.