Friday, April 17, 2009

... and They Don't Even Know How to Make Good Tea

I saw some protesters in front of the post office on my way to mail my tax returns. I know filling those out is hard as hell. Still, I don't think that doing away with them is a solution. Well, actually, I know it isn't. Sorry.

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Bowleserised said...

I mean we were positively benevolent to Americans, what with lots of them being white.

Misiula said...

Taxes are violent by design.

I can't grasp what the problem is.

As much as no one likes having money taken away from them, they still enjoy having roads, right?

Bowleserised said...

Ah, but you see, they personally didn't vote to have roads, and that means it's not democratic.

Misiula said...

Yes... I forget that they are somehow not represented, even though they admit that they have representatives in Congress. "It's practically like slavery"... or something. Anyhow, terrible. For sure. I guess. Or so they say.

But somehow I can't shake the impression that the demonstrations are a conservative way of showing Christian (I guess) interest in sexual techniques. More precisely: in teabagging. I think it's a matter of sexual envy rather than economy. In addition to "slavery" and taxation with and without representation, of course.

Bowleserised said...

I liked the counter-protesters sign: "did I shave my balls for this?"

Kim said...

Ah these people are crazy! And what's even crazier is that there are many of them all over the USA! Lots and lots! As fun as it is to laugh at their stupidity, they are the people who would take Bush back in a heartbeat and unless they take the time to give Obama a chance, the next president may be just as horrible as Bush was. Because of these crazy people! Ah America...