Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize for Not Being Bush but Not Doing Anything for Peace Either

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Kim said...

Interesting...I'm behind in my news since being away the past week and am ever so slowly catching up. I always find it so interesting how governments interact with China and what lengths they will go to keep China "happy". And then it's interesting to see what China will do towards governments who piss them off (mostly by inviting the Dalai Lama into their country). What a strange world we live in!!

I think I need to read more up on Obama getting the peace's kinda sad since there are thousands of people out there who have devoted their lives to working for peace and they are "forgotten" so some big name can get it. It diminishes the importance (if that is the right word) for such an award/prize when given away for what seems like strange non-reasons.

(my word verification is "expoo" :)

Misiula said...

I think this prize should be going to peace workers because, well, as opposed to the vast majority of politicians (you all sucking up to the Chinese government, you know this is about you), they actually work for peace and get almost no publicity most of the time.