Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything's Overdue

Deadlines are called deadlines for a reason.

So far, my brief faux vacation has been spent on an essay I didn't manage to finish on time and on digging through piles of paperwork that both enables me and divides me from renewing my visa. Up next: preparing a reading list for an exam that awaits me at the end of "summer," preparing a syllabus for the class I'm teaching in the fall, preparing homework (sic!) for the class I'm taking this summer (whose start keeps shifting earlier and earlier for mysterious reasons), more paperwork, and visa trips. Although that last thing sounds vaguely holiday-like, it might end up happening on borrowed time, for which I'll have to beg profs, employers, etc.

I don't even know whom to send to hell.

We live in an evil, militarized world of deadlines and borders. And passport photos that make us all look like ugly criminals.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Ah, reallyreally hope it all comes together without you having to kill anyone. Sounds like so much!! But little by little, you'll get it done...hopefully with your sanity intact ;)

What class will you be teaching?

Cute screamer doll! How can I get one?